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The top of the S sidestone juts forward like a prow and bears definite traces of dressing.The front (W) end of the chamber is partly closed by a large slab which leaves a gap at the N side.The central area (the main stronghold) had walls 3 metres thick which protected huts within the inner sanctum, and which still reach a height of 3.5 metres in places.Outside of this are two concentric areas, within which you can still find the foundations of further huts.Its gallery also is 4 metres long, and its court (at the N end) very narrow and rubble-filled.The tomb resembles another outside the main distribution area at Shanballyedmond, "The big Ballyganner South tomb (first listed above) is built as if to dominate the area.The nicer Ballyganner South tomb is built on a plateau but is raised up significantly. Was the larger tomb built to dominate the court tomb builders? What (if any) is the significance of the axis that the Ballyganner North (wedge in cashel) and the smaller Ballyganner South tomb share?

~ In the same townland is a court-tomb (R 219 956), somewhat hard to find.

The front of the tomb now rises out of the cairn a further 1.3 metres, and the gallery slopes down into the cairn.

The walls are single slabs 3.5 metres long, both perforated.

Over the W end of the tomb are two broken slabs which, together with fragments inside and outside the chamber, formed the huge roof of the tomb. In 1955 a large bonfire was lit on the intact roofstone to celebrate a Hurling victory.

~ There is another wedge-tomb in the same townland, 2.4 km to the NNE (R 227 953), and one of the most beautiful, complete and remote tombs in the Burren, whose cairn survives to a height of 1.6 metres.

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The path is fairly easy going apart from the last little up hill bit that takes you onto the plateau upon which the fort stands The fort itself is very ruinous, but what does remain allows you to easily envisage its form and perhaps even its scale.

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