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Please be sure to leave a comment if you have any tips to add.And if you’re really stuck, feel free to contact me to schedule a troubleshooting session. You need to set up Sales Tax in order for it to be active in QBO. QBO automatically adds two default accounts when setting up GST: account. There are no ‘sales tax items’ in QBO like there are in Quick Books Desktop. Completing the Sales Tax Return creates a two-line Journal Entry that simply moves what you owe (or what is owed to you) from account. When preparing your return, be careful to set the correct dates and click Refresh to generate an accurate report. Regardless of the date you filed your GST/HST return, Quick Books uses today’s date for the journal entry that is created when you file a sales tax return.You’ll know you’re in the wrong payment window if the tax period says Upcoming Filing. I recommend entering a memo as well, for example, “January 2014 Return.” NOTE: when you file a return and create a payment, the payment cannot be printed. But don’t panic, Intuit has designed something even better – the ability to assign sales tax to each line of a journal entry. You also won’t be able to access it from the View History section of the Sales Tax module. Use the Advanced Search feature to search for the amount of the payment (see below for suggested filters).(as it sounds like you've done) then you can just wait to clear it again when you do your month end bank reconciliation.You will notice when you process your bank reconciliation, your beginning balance will be higher than it was at the end of the prev.Hi Jenny, Here is what I recommend for your journal entry that was tied to your bank reconciliation: Re-enter your original journal entry back in quickbooks on either the exact date..if it messes up your financials, enter in the most current month you have not yet reconciled.Now to remove it: rather than just deleting the entry, make a reversing journal entry on the same date as the original.

I am wondering: why did this entry take a couple hours to make?

It's very easy to restore a bill pymt originally attached to a check.

Go ahead and re-enter your bill as it originally was.

This will bring up your deleted transactions through any date that you specify!

You can't re-enter it but you can see the entire transaction so you can re-create it.

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Just click to enter a checkmark in the 'pay' column to the left of your bill entry and it will reattach to your check. It should not affect your bank reconciliation because your check hasn't changed and that's what matters for the reconciliation, not the bill pymt.

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