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Iranian Citizens in Greece during the Current Migrant Crisis The current migration wave from the Middle East to Greece has brought more than 15,000 Iranian citizens into the country, most of them of Kurdish descent and traveling under illegal or semi-legal status.On the other hand, some 2,000 Iranians reside legally in the country, many of them successful in trade and commerce.The Hidden Side of Things: Projected Iranian Intelligence Activity in Greece In security terms, the present cooperation between the two countries is at an almost non-existent level, a fact that most probably will change once all sanctions are lifted.The reason to expect a closer security relationship is partly because Iran is a major transit zone for illegal migration flow that ends up in Greece via Turkey.

Until 2012 and the start of renewed international sanctions on Teheran by the international community, including a hydrocarbons embargo, Greece was importing around 200,000 barrels of oil per day from Iran, being one of Iran’s best customers on a worldwide level.

Iran is as well as part of the famous Afghan heroin route towards the Balkans.

Since both of these issues have both a national and EU importance for Greece, there are plenty of opportunities for police cooperation between the two states.

Also, analysts should note that the semi-state company Hellenic Petroleum (ELPE) owes money to Iran, and at some point the latter will surely ask to be paid back: the total debt ELPE owes Iran is around 200 million euros.

This debt could not be repaid previously, because of the financial embargo.

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