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The mark of the three waves has changed over time making it possible to date any piece of Royal Copenhagen Porcelain. These have been used on porcelain with a blue underglaze decoration, namely the Christmas Plates, figurines and blue porcelain dinner services all of which are essential not only to the companys product line, but also to the beauty and elegance of any home. Over the years, the crown has changed but it is possible to identify the year or decade in which each piece of porcelain was manufactured. Karl Otto Johansen Midsummer Night's Dream 73 and 72 RC. Paintings, Etchings Bronze, copper, pewter etc Jewelry E-mail. In 1853, the Bing & Grondahl porcelain works opened.When they introduced their under glaze blue decorations in 1886, for the first time Royal Copenhagen had competition.Kaolin, an important ingredient to the glaze, was imported beginning in 1778 from France.The result was a pure white glaze that identifies today's pieces.Since this was before refrigeration was in use, foods were kept cool in three-piece dishes.Ice was placed in the top and bottom bowls with perishable food in the middle.

The name was changed to the Royal Danish Porcelain Manufactury in 1779, and became known as Royal Copenhagen.

The chocolate pots were cylindrical, and the porcelain cover was topped by a tiny brass lid.

When pushed aside, a small hole enabled a stirring stick to be inserted.

From a circle was added over the lines — inside which was a crown between the curved words Royal Copenhagen. The divorced indian dating uk is decorated with the "Dagmar Cross", a jewelled crucifix dating from the Middle Ages that was discovered in Storage boxes and jewel boxes.

Below are some examples of the crown's evolution through time. Sign up for our electronic newsletter and be the first to hear about our many great sales.

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