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If so, my aim is restore your self-esteem and recover your masculinity by taking you on a journey.An exploration of your sexuality, implementing the psychology of sexual theatre and ancient tantric massage.We are not all that interested in stories with vampires. Neither are we terribly keen on pirates; just remove that word and your odds go up. That really is one of the main differences between what we reject outright, what we ask for completes on, and what we end up accepting: how the backstory is handled.When taking your novel and making a short story out of part of it, try to make it look like it wasn’t clearly cut out of a novel. Along those lines, HFQ publishes short stories, not novels, so if you do hook us with a short from a novel we’ll only bend over backward so far to accommodate unnecessary exposition or backstory in the short story that relates to the novel.Tolkienesque (as in really long) poetry epics/sagas/vedas will most likely be treated — and paid — like fiction.Similarly, prose pieces of fewer than 1,000 words will be paid at poetry’s standard rate of .Image dimensions should be approximately 850 x 250 pixels.

(Scroll down for info on art submissions.) We purchase first world English language electronic rights, electronic rights for 90 days, archival rights for twelve months, and excerpt rights.I have an extensive wardrobe and an array of erotic toys.Are you misunderstood, emotionally unfulfilled or impotent?We remain open for POETRY submissions at all times, however, so keep those coming!If you get an auto-response, don’t worry — as long as you mention poetry in the subject line your work will be reviewed.

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