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Birmingham city planning leaders, alongside key USL and USL Birmingham representatives, are working together on the most effective field solution, with a downtown location for the stadium the preferred option.“We want to be in or near the center of the city and have walkable amenities nearby.That is our goal, and we are working on it,” said Copes.Not to mention the two that are considered as today's best football players; Argentinean Lionel Messi and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

The PDL season will arrive quickly, and there is much to do before that time,” said Copes.The match between the league's most decorated clubs is known as the "El Classico" and is one of the top sports events in Spain, Europe and the globe, mostly due to the fact that the biggest talents play for these clubs.Currently, the major talents of Spain, Brazil, Germany, France, Columbia, Uruguay and Wales play for the clubs in La Liga.As a member of Augusta National Golf Club, he chairs the Par 3 Contest and the Admissions and Credentials Committee for the Masters Tournament. Copes will serve as the team’s main point of contact.He is also a member of the Business Roundtable and Council on Foreign Relations and is currently serving on the President's Manufacturing Council advising the White House on Workforce Policy, Infrastructure and Deregulation."The USL’s selection of Birmingham speaks directly to our recognition as a world-class sports city,” said Mayor Bell. Copes explained that when the Hammers were originally approached by the partners, they were unsure what to expect.

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